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On The Set Team –

DJ Foothill On the set with High Speed Divas - Marc Dambrosia
On The Set Of The Star Cars Shoot With The High Speed Divas

Being on the set can be an exhilarating experience or a horrifying one, and sometimes it’s both simultaneously. Of course most of that depends on the team you have on your set with you. Your team if you have one is the most important element of being on a set. Yes, even more so than a model. You can get “Models” anywhere! Your team however is a different story.

It was recently pointed out to me just how large my team actually is when I shoot for High Speed Magazine! As I think about it that is correct.  I was thinking about how many people were on set for one of my last shoots and thought hmmmm now might be a good time to give credit to those people who stand behind me to make me look good.

Lead Makeup Artist:

Tricia James. Worst hours in the game. Rises at least two to three hours before a sunrise shoot, constantly has to touch up her work. Deals with the creative whims of the photographer.

Lead Hairstylist:

Christi Lynn Bell. Rises early with Tricia. Prays for calm winds on location. Serves as a sounding board for every model’s early-morning complaints. Usually about how early it is and what a dick the photographer is for making them get up so damn early.

DJ Foothill - On The Set For High Speed Magazine
On Set Of A High Speed Magazine Shoot.

First Assistant To The Photographer:

Dane Collins. Helps with lighting, scouting locations, runs memory cards to the digital tech. And sometimes acts as digital tech. Dane is an reflector Ninja on set. He is able to manipulate the reflector in ways I’ve never thought of which is part of what makes him great. He also escorts models to and from shooting areas.

Model Wrangler:

Kathleen Wellman.  She possibly has the toughest job on the set. I call her my model GPS. She tends to know where all the models are at all times.

DJ Foothill and Dana DeArmond on set
Dana DeArmond and DJ Foothill on Set

Assistant Photographers:

Octavio Flores is possibly one of the hardest working people on the set. Not only is he constantly shooting behind the scenes photos and sometimes video he is also often found shuttling models back and forth on set.

Todd Wellman not only drives the trailer around town but he’s also the assistant photographer on set and gets shots that I might miss.  He also takes some of the behind the scenes shots for the website.

There are of course many more people who are a part of making my shoots happen but the above mentions are often the most active on set.

On The Set with Malibu McKenzie - DJ Foothill & Dane Collins & Industry By Rick
On The Set with Malibu McKenzie

So get your team together and watch how it changes the pace of your shoots.

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